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Tha-GhostDawg – Sky High
Tha-GhostDawg – Sky High

La-Based Indie Hip-Hop Artist Tha-Ghostdawg’s Sky High Is 2023’s Chillest Summer Bop

Us-based musician Tha-GhostDawg has just dropped his latest single Sky High, and it’s a fantastical, upbeat summer bop. The track combines hip hop beats and verses with a comfortingly nostalgic synth set up for the chorus. 

Sky High is also a complete mood lifter. Its quick beat is gentle and engaging, and the energy is super positive. It follows the success of Tha-GhostDawg’s last hit Encore, and definitely delivers. Further, Tha-GhostDawg has a very distinct delivery style when he’s in the recording studio. His soft vocalizations work really well with the musical arrangement. This way, the artist offers a holistic composition that leverages his skills as a producer, mixing engineer, as well as a recording artist.

Growing up in the hood, hip-hop has a defining impact on Tha-GhostDawg. He made his way through the hard life and to the music studio which he set up with his friends. And now, the artist is putting all his lessons and learnings from this journey towards improving the lives of others. After making waves with his music for over a decade, artist Maliq Moebius joined the ‘Do-Something Projekt’ in 2012. Since then, he has dedicated himself to finding the musical outlet for youth in the hoods, alongside likeminded musicians. 

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