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Presley Duyck - Cold Together
Presley Duyck - Cold Together

Presley Duyck – Cold Together | Togetherness is Warm

Cold Together is the latest track from 20-year-old Presley Duyck, a a singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas. With a warm country energy, Presley Duyck’s single is a reminder that we’re not so cold when we are together. After all, it is the love and warmth of our believing in one another can combat anything.

Presley has always been a fan of folk music and classic rock, arguably since she was in kindergarten! More on that later, but this love reflects on the soundtrack, which is calm and soothing, with a clear preference for clean instruments. She has credited leading ladies Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac as her inspirations, who enabled her to find her powerful voice, independence, and confidence. And that is why she stands out with a unique sensibility that separates her from others, as noted by Kristina Mondo of Radio Airplay.

Cold Together is a gentle melody with a warm sentiment – that sharing your burden with the ones you love reduces it, and makes you stronger. The opening lines serve as a reminder that she is a rock for the ones whom she loves, and will not abandon them. While they fear and fret, which is only natural, she is happy to share their sadness or melancholy. She is truthful in her love to stick by the worst of times. The indie-rock tune is a reminder that friendship is not conditional, and it stands out from the music of this generation.

In Conversation with Presley Duyck

Ques. Congratulations on the release of Cold Together! How are you feeling? How was the experience of making this song?

Presley: I am so happy that Cold Together is finally out! I’ve been ready to release this one for a minute. This song was written from a very serious place in my heart, but once it came time to record in the studio, it was such a blast collaborating with my producer.

Ques. I heard that you tried to form a band when you were in Kindergarten. Do you remember any other times your love for music showed up when you were finding yourself as a musician?

Presley: Haha! Yes, that’s true. In kindergarten, I had a band name, a logo, and friends ready to rock. Our problem was that none of us knew how to play instruments! Music has always been a constant in my life; at every corner, there was music. I grew up going to see live music with my family, looking for entertainment for the fundraisers we held for our non-profit organization. Becoming a musician has really made me a better music listener, as well. I fall in love with music over and over again.

Ques. How has life changed since your debut single Passenger Seat in 2021? What has this shift inspired in you? Do you think you’ve learned more about music, the industry, or your personal brand?

Presley: Releasing Passenger Seat was such a scary, yet thrilling moment for me. I had no idea what would happen and how people would respond. It has been such an overwhelming response of love, and I think I’ve become a lot stronger since I released my first song. A lot of hardships have happened since, and a lot of good, but it’s great to be doing the things I have always dreamed about. I have definitely learned more about music and the industry, and how truly difficult it is.

The Next Chapter

Ques. When a listener hears your music for the first time ever, what would you hope to have given/imparted to them?

Presley: I just hope I let listeners feel free to express their emotions and feel deeply. I hope they know they aren’t alone in their journey and that my music brings people together. I want to inspire hope.

Ques. What comes next, what journeys do you wish to take us on, and what should the listeners be looking out for now? 

Presley: I have more music to release! It’s been a hard-several years, and the music coming up is a lot of self-discovery, specifically through the lens of relationships. I’m super pumped for everyone to hear the next couple of songs I have ready to release.

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