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Ann - Medusa
Ann - Medusa

ANN – Medusa

ANN is embracing her inner goddess in the song Medusa. The indie artist’s latest song combines contrasting elements, in terms of sound and lyrical content, and creates an uber-confident electronic pop number that gets anyone feeling themselves.

Artists such as Luna Shadows, Sakima, and Troye Sivan inspire ANN. While her sound is electro-pop, yet quite organic. Her vocals possess a contemporary sexy, sultry quality. Further, her lyrics entrap the listener in her own little maze of a world. This time, it is this track – sung from the perspective of the Greek mythological figure.

Medusa was a beautiful woman, but society only valued her for her femininity. And the archaic concept of femininity itself is very problematic. It calls for celibacy and complacency but Medusa refuses this entrapment. So the queen Athena curses her into becoming a monster. However, the curse only makes Medusa hungry to avenge herself – giving her powers unlike any Gorgon. Her gaze turns humans into stone, and her hair is a wild mess of poisonous snakes.

Her complex character arc is what nuances her as a tragic heroine, who unapologetically embraced herself . Yet she is an image of femininity unlike any other. In this way, ANN’s take humanizes Medusa, and modernised her story for today’s audiences. And by creating a masterpiece like this, ANN has officially created an art piece that is also a part of literature!

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