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Alexandre Dubois - Angel Money
Alexandre Dubois - Angel Money

Heartattracks – Angel Money

‘Angel Money’ by Heartattracks is a fantastical sonic experience. The song combines the use of multiple instruments with the artist’s unique vocal style.

Alexandre Dubois is an independent artist who produces his music under the moniker ‘Heartattracks.’ This project allows the Melbourne-based performer to chronicle his experiences with mental health. Alexander Dubois’s music is noted to be cinematic and experiential. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, he incorporates keys, guitar, and processed vocals in the song ‘Angel Money’ as well. His music is always honest, as it comes from a very personal place.

‘Angel Money’ is a single from Alexandre’s latest album Gravity Call. The track opens with soulful keys and electric guitar. However, the trap-like beat across the rest of the track really sets up a different tone. The song features two verses, each with a chorus that follows it. The use of various instruments like the bass helps bring out the bridge of the production. Furthermore, the lyrics take the listener through a tale of passion, love, and money – possibly earned from crime or illegal activities.

‘Angel Money’ has that contemporary Hero by Enrique Iglesias vibe, and overall it is an almost trippy, fantastical melody. The soundscape is rich and layered, and the song is very soothing and calm. It is safe to say that Alexandre Dubois leverages his latest track to weave a trance for his listeners.

In Conversation with Alexandre Dubois

Ques. Can you talk to us about ‘Heartattracks’ the name and its meaning?

The name HEARTATTRACKS came about quite unexpectedly and stuck immediately. I was looking for a namesake that encapsulated a certain kind of intimacy and tenderness. Simultaneously, I wanted it to harness a sense of anguish and survival.
Essentially, my name is a  bit of a triple entendre: a play on the word ‘heart attack’, a ‘track’ of music, and what my heart attracts on my journey through life. This name represents of who I am in this moment, but also who I might come to be. It allowed space for growth and reassurance that whatever I was producing was from a place of truth.
Furthermore the inclusion of the ‘R’ acted as a slow attack in this instance, and re-contextualized the word in a different light. 


Ques. You have a very unique music style, it is almost symphonic but it is also super contemporary. I’d say it is also influenced by Trap. So how would you describe your sound?

Recently, I discovered a genre through Spotify called ‘Escape Room.’ Glen McDonald came up with the genre, and it became known around 2016. He described it as a conglomeration of underground-trap and indie-electronic, with overlaps of micro-genres including “hyper pop”, “art-pop”, “deconstructed club” and “alternative r&b”. Although this descriptor is close, I feel it is not what I produce but definitely what inspires me.
My music could be described as auteur-pop, with a central focus on vocals and textured soundscapes, incorporating elements of glitch-hop, downtempo electronica, trip-hop, and slow-core. At least, I think it does, and it does for now. I’d really love to release an acoustic EP of covers sometime down the track.


Ques. Who are your greatest influences and some artists you look up to?

I’m in constant awe of so many incredible independent artists. My friends in particular, who are working so hard every day to get their art out there, move me a lot. Locally, I’m a big supporter of Lupa J, who constantly amazes me with their talent and drive. Everything they do is with such precision and authenticity. I was really honoured to feature in their latest release ‘Saviour’ – make sure to check it out here.

Growing up, I was inspired by artists such as PJ Harvey, Portishead, Cat Power, and Sianna Lee (of Love Outside Andromeda). Their unparalleled songwriting, strength, and vulnerability set a benchmark. I picked up a guitar, learnt the keys, and I spent a lot of my earlier years singing their songs. My favorite one to sing was always ‘The Moon’ by Cat Power. And I’ve been spending so much time in the moonlight smoking my j’s lately. I was compelled to record it and will release it soon, so keep an eye out!
In recent years, FKA twigs, Eartheater, Lana Del Rey, Siuzanna, Kelsey Lu, and Sevdaliza have really moved me.

Sad-ish Banger Vibes

Ques. Can you describe Angel Money to a listener who is about to hit play? What should they expect from it?

You can expect a beat-driven indie-pop ballad, set atop a dissonant soundscape of soft keys and ethereal pads. A punchy vocal with a strong hook reinforced with sophisticated harmonies. Sad-ish banger vibes.

Ques. You’ve said that your music is oftentimes about your mental health experiences. What is this process like – do you make the music first, or do you work on the lyrics? Or does everything flow together harmoniously?

Mostly, I like to mix it up and try new approaches. Furthermore, collaborating with someone who is perhaps a bit intimidated by the process of ‘jamming’ also helps. I go into the process backward, a song title first, and then pairing it with a folder of collected images that act as a mood board to inform the track’s demeanour. Finally, I’d use a shared text file with lyric ideas, one-liners, catchy hooks, etc. Slowly, pieces of the puzzle would come together quite organically and harmoniously.

These days, I tend to focus on the importance of my lyrics first and foremost. I’m writing a lot more and dedicating more energy to articulating my intentions as an artist and experiences as a queer person of color. It usually starts with layering some keys/guitar and a few decorative FX elements. I then workshop some vocal melodies referring back to my notepad of lyrics I’d worked on separately, and add the beat and bass last. In the context of mental health, I’d say that I’m at a point now where everything’s coming together quite harmoniously in my music. I’ve found an internal rhythm that’s been really conducive to appreciating my wounds and healing through them at whatever pace feels right. 

HEARTATTRACKS Across the Internet

Ques. It can be hard to find you on the internet and social media. Why don’t you give yourself a shoutout and we will amplify it!

Find me anywhere on socials through the name @heartattracks – don’t forget the extra R 😉  ANGEL MONEY OUT NOW and all that jazz. <3 http://www.linktr.ee/heartattracks/

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