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Maisyn - Pool Party
Maisyn - Pool Party

Maisyn – Pool Party

Maisyn’s Pool Party is a beautiful, summery, breezy song about accepting yourself, and learning to forgive and accept yourself. At the same time it is a very confident song which never rushes. The music and lyrics work together to create a magical experience for the listener. It is incredibly personal, and therefore incredibly inspiring.

Jessi Mason goes by the Maisyn in the indie alternate-pop scene of Los Angeles. Her music is introspective and almost therepeutic. Her vocals are soft and deep, yet retain an innocence which works brilliantly for her music. Altwood magazine compared her ability to offer emotional intimacy to the listen to that of Adele in her album 21.

The guitar and the cajon keep the song lively throughout, while Maisyn chooses to get candid with her lyrics. She talks about starting to be self conscious of her appearance at the mere age of thirteen. She remembers how uncomfortable she felt in tight blue jeans but she wanted to fit in them so badly.

However, she does not get upset with these emotions she once felt. Rrather she counsels herself as she didn’t know how to deal with these feelings back then. She does not shy away from admitting that she wants to look like what is society’s definition of attractive. This act in itself is a commentary on how women learn to see themselves from the perspective of people around them.

The entire song rides on the single line chorus which makes the primary melody of the song, is super memorable, and grounds the narrative of Maisyn’s story in Pool Party.

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