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Michael Ransom - Foxes
Michael Ransom - Foxes

Michael Ransom – Foxes | Euphoria

Foxes by Michael Ransom is only the third release from the artist. He is a singer and songwriter based out of London. The song is really relaxed with a mellow, lo-fi vibe. It combines a mastered metronomic beat with acoustics like the guitar and keyboard. This results in a contemporary soulful sound, thanks to the looping beats and the singer’s soft vocals. 

Despite having only a few songs out on the internet, Michael Ransom shows incredible potential with a consistent style and confident approach to his musical identity. The artist’s few songs share qualities like a soft, euphoric energy, and rhythmic hooks which get the listeners attention. The same is the case with the prechorus and chorus of the song Foxes as well.

The song is a relaxed but hopeful ode to that moment in love and life when certainty supercedes the unknown. There is an earnestness in the singer’s voice and delivery which matches the euphoric energy of the song. The dreamy vocalizations in the background only add to this effect. And yet, there are some seasoned elements in the song which round it out. This includes the electric guitar riffs at teh chorus, and also the church organ towards the end. Finally, the song is almost a cinematic sonic experience that plays after the hardships end and the bright sun glows clear.

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