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Nysza - When The Purest Magic Breaks
Nysza - When The Purest Magic Breaks

Nysza Beguiles with Her Poetic Mystique in New Track, ‘When The Purest Magic Breaks’

Nysza is an American-Indian singer-songwriter, storyteller, and folk artist blending the mystique of her Indian heritage with the magic of jazz, poetry, and world rhythm. Her work is a collection of slice of life narratives with nostalgic philosophies and themes. The artist writes in Hindi, Urdu, and English, using language to express parts of her mind and herself. In her latest single, ‘When The Purest Magic Breaks’, Nysza undertakes to present spoken-word poetry against an ethereal melody backdrop. She delves into intoxicating melancholy, using metaphorical vessels and fantasy themes to flesh out loss, heartache, growth, and maturity. Listen Now! 

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The track has an elegant grandeur to it. Nysza’s sultry verse delivery is ruminative and vulnerable. It is the philosophical ponderings of a mind, retrospectively absorbing wisdom from the past. It is portrayed against a shimmering fabric of synths; an outworldly ambience that sets the stage for the mystique that is her poetry. 

Nysza debuted in 2018 with her single, Petunia in which she illustrates the South-Asian cultural constructs of sexuality. Her voice has a distinct feminine undertone as she navigates universal themes. She has since released three singles, each one fleshing out the artistic delight of the artist. 

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The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to ‘When The Purest Magic Breaks’ by Nysza here – 

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