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Joe Sneva-100 Wildflowers
Joe Sneva-100 Wildflowers
Joe Sneva-100 Wildflowers

Joe Sneva-100 Wildflowers | A poem with petals

Wildflowers have a way of expressing unpolished love. It is natural, beautiful, exquisite and has a way to everyone’s heart. Joe Sneva has a 100 of them for you, and like Tom Petty, he has executed this song masterfully. This is Joe with his latest single, 100 Wildflowers.

The track uses the simple backdrop of fingerstyle acoustic. No excessive layering and pilfering with the sound quality- it is as honest as a bouquet of these flowers. Growing up listening to Dylan, the Valley influences are straight and heartfelt. It is an alt-folk instant classic, and has garnered quite a lot of streams on Spotify. Joe Sneva sings and speaks from the heart when this little love letter is read out. He utilises the entire song to create a rich backdrop that he single handedly owns to make a melodic, emotional journey, in such a short while.

Traveling all over the States, he’s found home on any stage with a microphone and an open heart. Starting out might be tough as an artist, but he’s kept on. Songs like Malibu from his single spree have turned heads, and now it’s time to show him some more love! Check out the alternative ballad that 100 Wildflowers is.

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