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MUFASSA - Life in The Left Hand Lane
MUFASSA - Life in The Left Hand Lane

MUFASSA – Life in The Left Hand Lane | Social Conscious

MUFASSA (aka Dale Mallet, MUFASSA MUSIC) is a musical nomad from the foothills of Queensland. He uses his music to tell his stories about the mystical and unique landscape, where hinterland waterfalls meet long white sandy beaches. Citing influences from other musical storytellers like Mike Love, Paul Kelly and Archie Roch, he strives to meet similar standards. MUFASSA is dedicated to raising awareness and support for youth mental health, environmental protection & cultural connection. His latest EP, Life in the Left Hand Lane acts similarly as well. With five tracks and a total run-time of 18 minutes, you can expect nothing short of awareness enhancement.

Starting the EP off is Butterflies, a track with whimsy and folk energy. MUFASSA does a brilliant job at creating a song with this playful energy to raise awareness. There’s something about this track that reminds me of Louis Armstrong and the likes. The song manages to give you a bit of a lesson on social consciousness while also being light. The folksy feeling that the song gives off is, definitely, what you want to hear and feel.

Moving on to Road To Exmouth, we have a song that knows how to use a harmonica. Moreover, the high tones add some really interesting tones. Additionally, the harmonies and counter-melodies ad so much depth and variation to the song. I love how dynamic this track is while you sit there enjoying every bit of it. These are the kind of tracks that you’d probably sing along to around a campfire while MUFASSA brings out his acoustic guitar. I enjoy how he creates a lovely, happy vibe around every single track. There’s so much to learn from his music; not just about how to take the good from the bad, but also about social awareness.

Once we get to Rain On Me, the music gets a little calmer. The guitar and bass act as great accompanists to MUFASSA’s powerful vocals. This track is the most outspoken one on the EP. Moreover, Dale does such a brilliant job with how calm his voice is. He does something similar in Magnets, except the instrumental seems a little more hostile. The track is a lot slower, but the velocity on the notes is, certainly, a lot harder. MUFASSA hits you with those lines where he doesn’t take a breath for a while and it is sublime.

The final track on the EP, Walk With Me, seems to pick up the pace again. The light guitar strings create a tinny effect while Dale’s warm vocals and backing vocals add depth to the track. Moreover, the banjo and drums are light elements that will boost your spirits. There’s something so uplifting about his music that forces you to pay attention to what he sings about.

MUFASSA is here to tell his stories through his melodious medium. Moreover, his messages power through with such subtle intensity.

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