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Blue Orchid Reaction – Personal Revolution | Aesthetic

Blue Orchid Reaction is a Yorkshire-based indie/alt-rock band that made their debut in 2020 with their album ‘Runt Pup Protector’. Their EP, ‘4Chord Theory’ was appreciated by listeners around the globe. This is a 4-piece band that mainly focuses on the joys of rock and roll, writing hook-ridden yet melodic music. Each song makes you wanna dance to the indulging music woven by the geniuses. Their last release before ‘Personal Revolution’ was ‘Sunset Claims’ which is their most-heard song and personally my favorite. The band is known for its heartfelt melodies and deep lyrics. Each song in their discography is carefully written to derive the most impact.

“One of the most powerful bands who’re gonna make it big in 2022”

Their latest release is ‘Personal Revolution’ which is perfectly engineered with equal hills and valleys. The Bass-line is mesmerizing and makes you wanna bang your head right away. The drums are powerful and deliver the most impact needed for the song. The guitar tunes are bewitching. All this is beautifully braided with the smooth lyrics and powerful vocals. The heavily distorted guitar riff towards the end of the song is just what anyone needs on a bad day at work to light things back up. The song is all-in-all powerful and a must-listen for anyone who is into rock and roll gently fused into alt-rock.

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