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Rock and Roll Samurai Cover art
Rock and Roll Samurai Cover art

Mad Painter – Rock and Roll Samurai

Mad Painter is a 5 piece rock band that is known for its genre-bending tracks that are packed with exquisite musicality and deep lyricism. This is one of those bands that will make your feet move on their own. I was thrilled to explore such an amazing band that gives out the perfect amount of innovation and class. The band’s discography will surely blow your minds away with 2 singles and an album that is ecstatically immersive. The way this band paints vivid pictures of such complex emotions is exceptional. This is surely a band to be explored!

I recently came across this amazing band through their latest release which is named ‘Rock and Roll Samurai’ which is one of the most innovative tracks that I’ve lately come across. The track uncovers some untouched paths of musicality with an immersive blend of deep lyrics that is complemented by some heartfelt instrumentation. The guitars are well arranged well and are structurally sound to create an everlasting vibe that touches the heart. The heavy guitar riffs had me banging my head throughout the track. The drums and the keys are impactful and back the vocals just like they should. Being a drummer myself, I was impressed by the drummer’s rhythmic skills which took the track to a whole new level. The little interplay between the drums and the guitars at 2:40 of the track is something that will make you fall in love with this amazing band. This is surely a track that you should try if you love to hear music that breaks all the boundaries of conventional music. You can catch a little glimpse of Rock and Roll Samurai by Mad Painter here-

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