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28to15 | 99 Miles | Rock | Future
28to15 | 99 Miles | Rock | Future

Reviving the Retro-Future: 28to15’s ’99 Miles’ EP Unveils a Time Loop Paradox in Music

Today when we picture the future, all we can think of is A.I. and hyperloops. But when you go back in time, to the 90’s or even the 80s, their version of the future is what I really like. Be it architecture, technology, fashion, the 80s imagined the future just the way I do. 28to15 sounds like they made music for the future in the 80s and 90s. I think that’s an amazing style, a time loop paradox that transcends the boundaries of music – creating a masterpiece – “99 Miles”.

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28to15 wasn’t started out as a very serious project, they just got together with the intention of putting a few songs together but has now grown into so much more. Nikiforos Antonatos and Marc Ros are the souls behind this movement – 28to15. Their style is like rock music but with a slight pop edge – making it easier to listen for a larger audience. Their music is uplifting, with electronic grooves that make for a contemporary new style – while touching their roots – like Dave Matthews Band. The whole EP is somewhat modern, yet has a rustic feel reminiscent of the 80s and 90s.

99 Miles refers to the distance between Marc and Nik’s house and 28to15 refers to their house numbers. Creativity at its finest! The EP starts off with ‘Beautiful Day’- which has an amazing electric guitar intro that just takes you back in time. The lyrics pour in with slight hi-hats in the back, instantly upping the tempo of this track – prepping the listener for a crescendo ride from 28 all the way to 15. The lyrics are easy to listen to and extremely relatable, giving it an extra layer of captivity.

“Hey Hey what a beautiful day she said, but all she sees is night”

This line got me hooked to this track. The profoundness of this statement baffles me and I can think of a million ways that this could make sense – what do you think?

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’19.8 Miles on Average’ is the next track on this 99-mile journey and at this rate its going to be a long and lazy journey. The tempo that this track starts with is so much different from the previous track – this is more reminiscent of the past – with funky guitar sounds. All this until the drums pour into the mix and this whole thing changes into a rant like song that keeps going up and down in tempo. This track just takes me back in time to some kind of streetfighter summer break – just gaming, sipping on soda with no worries! “I feel like a machine!!!!!”

The next track in this EP is “Bright Eyed”. This track starts off like some kind of gospel but moves into the same chaotic melodies as the other tracks in this album. What I’ve come to notice is that 28to15 enjoy this transition. They start off slow and subtle but move into a peak and then settle down at a nice pace toward the middle of the track. Almost like driving on the highway. You are slow when in the traffic when you leave home, as you slowly make it out of town and hit the highway you blast across. Then you cruise for a bit, until you reach your destination. A roadtrip in the arrangement – interesting.

The EP ends with “I’m Alright” – a very apt name for a track at the end of this album. Again – same pattern – starts off slow but slowly catches you off guard. The peak in this track is really grunge with a really cool guitar melody that slowly acts as the transition – fading into an acoustic melody. Fantastic production and musical prowess – the arrangement and the mix is just top notch.

This EP is a treat to all rock fans and doesn’t end there – it has elements that are appreciated by people across genres. A tasteful yet unique style – their own testament to the evolution of music since the 90s.

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