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Corey Taylor of Slipknot Fame Asked Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to "Take This and Shove it"
Corey Taylor of Slipknot Fame Asked Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to "Take This and Shove it"

Corey Taylor of Slipknot Asked Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to “Take This and Shove it”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has drawn criticism in recent years from both artists (like Corey Taylor) and fans. Many are perplexed by the organization’s embarrassingly poor track record of inducting non-male performers as well as its lack of recognition of numerous hard rock and metal bands.

For instance, even though both Iron Maiden and Motorhead have been eligible for admission for some time—artists are allowed to enter the Hall 25 years after their very first release—both bands have not yet been honoured. Courtney Love criticised the organisation for its lack of female participation earlier this year, stating that only 8.48% of their total inductees are female.

Corey Taylor offered his own opinions on the topic in a recent interview with Jason Bailey of Audacy Check In. The frontman was asked if he would be interested in having one of his three bands—Slipknot, Stone Sour, or his solo band—inducted during the meeting.

In response, Taylor articulated: “Oh, Jesus. At this point, who gives a shit, really? To be honest… It’s hard for me to say that they get it wrong because sometimes the people they induct one hundred percent deserve it.

Corey Taylor can not care less about false accolades

Taylor expressed frustration and disappointment with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s selection process. He believes that many deserving groups have been overlooked in favor of others, and this greatly upsets him. He now questions if he will even be considered for induction, “but honestly, I couldn’t care less,” he said. Corey Taylor sees induction as a mere accolade at the end of a career and prefers to receive it later on. While he jokingly mentions wanting to be like David Crosby and be inducted multiple times, he doesn’t believe he will even be inducted once.

Corey had previously criticized the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, considering it to be a flawed institution that primarily honors pop music and only acknowledges real rock bands when pressured to do so.

Corey Taylor expressed his sentiments to the press, “They disrespected so many bands over the past by putting others in before the ones that actually deserve it, that I would probably go the way of the Sex Pistols. I’d be, like, ‘Your Hall is a sham. I don’t care if I’m a part of it or not. You have no idea what the spirit of rock and roll is actually about. So take this and shove it up your you-know-what.’ So, that’s basically where I’m at. And, obviously, I’m not getting any brownie points, and I probably will never be nominated, but I don’t really care.”

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