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Black Tapestry | 17 Years | Desert Canvas | Rock
Black Tapestry | 17 Years | Desert Canvas | Rock

Black Tapestry’s ’17 Years’: Weaving an Ethereal Masterpiece on the Desert Canvas

Darkness is a beautiful source of inspiration. An empty canvas that you can use to create anything. Devoid of inspiration, devoid of distractions, devoid of anything. Isn’t that the perfect canvas to create art on. Without being influenced by anything – just creating from the core of your being. Darkness is the primary source of “inspiration” for this interesting band – “Black Tapestry”.

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Black Tapestry is from Northern Arizona, surrounded by cacti and juniper. The duo creates some absolute magic that just kidnap the listener and take them to the desolated deserts of Arizona. Their music offers a deep insight of the barren west, with their desert themed music. They tend to talk about their observations of the nature around them, but also subtly brings our the unsustainable ways of modern life. Black Tapestry came to life in the autumn of 2021 and they started releasing music by the Spring of 2022.

The song starts off with a very electro drum loop that makes you feel you’re in for a electronic music ride. But that’s where i realized I’m completely wrong. The guitar melody gently pours into the mix, making you question your assumption right before this. The synth one shots create the right amount of anticipation and create that tension build-up early on. When the vocals enter the mix, the song transcends to an ethereal canvas. Images of a woman in a black veiled dress euphorically chanting the lyrics amidst a sandstorm are forming in my head.

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The vocals are absolutely transcendental and pulls the listener into the deserts of Arizona. Filled with euphoric guitar strings that just amplify this desert vibe and making ’17 years’ an absolute masterpiece. The mix is commendable with very smart arrangement when it comes to risers and crashes. They create the right amount of tension and anticipation.

Overall 17 years is a wonderful song that Black Tapestry have weaved into a blank/dark canvas. A ritualistic song that just forcibly sucks you into the duo’s world.

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