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Skylan - Kyber Crystal
Skylan - Kyber Crystal
Skylan - Kyber Crystal

Skylan – Kyber Crystal | Electronic Trance

Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, Skylan is a stunningly promising EDM producer, singer-songwriter, and DJ. She produces a varied range of music by herself and makes a point of releasing new tracks every month. Her work is currently receiving more than 2.5k+ listeners on average every month. Along with her other tracks, such as Be Free, Riddim Gods, and more, the latest single of Skylan, Kyber Crystal, is the perfect song to understand how prolific and technically sound an artist she is. The music is hardcore dubstep and electronic trance that will make you keep bopping your head from start to finish.

An experience that works havoc with the mind!

Kyber Crystal starts with a pull-back and release kind of a vocal loop over a building-up arpeggiated synth line. Gradually, the song builds up to a massively catchy beat drop, something that we all look forward to while listening to electronic music. The most impressive feature of this song is that the beat drop breakdown complements the tempo while simultaneously having a variance of different elements and triggers. More importantly, within this breakdown section, there comes a short, momentary percussion sound sample in one bar, and that’s a real catchy point of the song.

The beat drop makes you feel nothing short of a mindboggling trip amidst a labyrinth of fluorescent lights, where you groove to the beats but, simultaneously, wonder what’s the next surprise element in the section because there are so many! The second section of the song begins with a similar vocal loop that works as the song’s foundation, but a beautiful and simple electric piano line kicks in just as another variety of elements and then builds up again to the same beat drop breakdown. As the final breakdown ends, we hear the electric piano line that works as the outro of the song, gradually completing the trip.

In conclusion, when you listen to Skylan, Kyber Crystal should be your top priority as this song is not just a random listen but a short, incredibly head-turning experience. Listen to this amazing piece of music here:

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