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Sharod Virtuoso-Favorite
Sharod Virtuoso-Favorite
Sharod Virtuoso-Favorite

Sharod Virtuoso dazes us with his R&B aura in his single, “Favorite”

Sharod Virtuoso has a name that says it all. As a musician and composer, he aims to make melodies we can connect with. Listening to any of his songs will show you the kind of finesse he has. Be it production, composition and definitely performing. With several singles becoming instant hits in R&B and indie artist playlists, this is his new single. It is called Favorite

With a simple backbeat and minimal instrumentals, this is where he is getting intimate with his feelings. Not only is the melody simple, but it stylizes this way in which the cocoon of cosy notes surrounds you. It is like a poem being personally read to you, and the clutter is minimized. The piano notes start to linger in your head, while other flourishes create a jelly like consistency to lie in. As the verse section is revisited, you see the love become deeper, more special and specific as well. Sharod Virtuoso might be jus’ a guy and his guitar, but he dives into something more emotionally vulnerable with this single. 

His most popular single is Slow it Down, and he also has a spectacular, underrated album called Tales of a Broke(n) Songwriter. His love for music has transcended any problem he has had, and his relationship with it has grown stronger over the years.Sharod Virtuoso makes heads turn with the kind of emotional outreach his music gives. There is no doubt this single will become the gem of your playlist as well:

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