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Salads-butterfly sans
Salads-butterfly sans
Salads-butterfly sans

Salads helps you float away with “butterfly sans”, his latest solid single!

You can soar to many versions of this world with Salads. Patty, aka Salads has loved every element of music since he started listening to it. Now, as someone who composes it-he doesn’t differentiate between genres or sounds. What you hear is an output of audio euphoria, laced with surrealistic lyricism. It is rare, sometimes odd for our mind to comprehend. Nevertheless, it is insanely fun to listen to. This is his latest single, butterfly sans.

Pop, punk rock, rock, what is it? Rather than worry about what it might be, listen to it for what it is. Using a light, enjoyable theme that creates a wonderful flow to break from the mundane. The production allows the highlights and threads of work to be seen, and they are spectacular. You are hooked to the verse and chorus in no time, like a highlight track that you derive energy from. The production quality on the vocals makes each aspect unique-the drums giving the rhythm spine a new twist. It could very well be a blink-182 song reimagined, with Travis behind the kit. The adrenaline surge is as real as the composition, and you’ll feel fortunate to have found this gem. 

Salads has another single Drug Dealer! on Spotify, but has shared many singles and even an album on SoundCloud. It is a gem you have to mine, because good music takes effort to find. That’s why you value it so much. Listen to his singles and follow him for more music, to make your day that much brighter. Float away like a butterfly listening to this one:

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