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Bassool - POWER AND CHANGE | Synth Chill
Bassool - POWER AND CHANGE | Synth Chill

Bassool – POWER AND CHANGE | Synth Chill

Bassool, a passion-driven multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer, is gaining some limelight with his fresh pop synth single POWER AND CHANGE. Through its crisp freshness and chill vibes, the track can be a go-to on days you wanna just relax.

POWER AND CHANGE feels like a song that has rich synth textures and subtle undertones that you would want to explore slowly, at your own pace. The remarkability of Bassool’s talent as a producer and instrumentalist shows off perfectly in POWER AND CHANGE. 

Bassool dissolves fine elements to this track and not all of them are perceivable on the first listen. You really will have to give time and attention to this song. It is a track that grows on you like the taste of your favourite hometown dish. There are things that would strike you on your first listen while some that you would stumble on listening to it multiple times. That’s the beauty of the synth genre. It has so much to offer that it feels like Pandora’s Box. And this song is no exception. 

With subtle elements and rich synth textures, POWER AND CHANGE has many aspects to it. Lyrics feel just as fresh. Moreover, the vocals add a unique charm to the song. Relaxed, slow-paced, and soft vocals of Bassool add to the freshness even further. The richness in the quality of his voice would easily manage to drive your attention. 

With so much to explore in this track, it makes for a great listen. And also a good addition to your “chill” playlist. 

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