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Justine Sletten - Dandelion
Justine Sletten - Dandelion
Justine Sletten - Dandelion

Justine Sletten – Dandelion | A song for the one you love

You know how there are some songs you simply cannot resist listening to in a loop because of how good they are? The latest single by Justine Sletten, Dandelion, is exactly that kind of song. The amazingly talented and gifted singer-songwriter Justine is incredible regarding this track’s composition and lyrics!

A song that you must listen to along with your love interest holding hand in hand, Justin Sletten’s Dandelion makes you fall in love all over. This song falls under the category of easy-listening music but, at the same time, is highly impactful and rejuvenates your soul every time you listen to it, even if it is in a loop. It is a beautiful composition, and you can’t help but sing along. The drums and bass fall in the right pockets, serving a beautifully tight backing and laying a superb foundation for the song. The guitars sound soothing, but the overdriven tones are powerful enough to add that brightness to the music during the chorus.

The most catchy and attractive feature of the song is the vocals. Justine’s voice is just lovely and soothes your soul all through. The warmth and soul-pleasing texture of her voice is just amazing to listen to and all you can do is just close your eyes and lose yourself in a world of beautiful thoughts. Her vocal power and range during the chorus will undoubtedly uplift your senses and you can’t help but appreciate it abundantly!

Overall, this track by Justine Sletten, Dandelion, is a must-listen for you lovebirds and music lovers. It is a song you should not miss out on experiencing. Listen to this track here:

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