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Catherine Elms – Frustrations | Cruel Truth

Catherine Elms, an alternative singer/songwriter and a fantastic pianist, just released a new song called “Frustrations” in which she expresses her true feelings. The song truly expresses such powerful feelings, which most likely make our days seem bleak. The composition honestly combines such complicated ideas and turmoils that would have a profound influence. The phrases accurately portray the feeling as well as the characteristic of having parts of irritation that put us in a similar mood. That allows us to have a better grasp of the circumstances, and as a consequence, we strive to become more engaged and connect with the words on a deeper level. The vocals also perfectly matched the emotions and had an immediate effect that lasted the whole song.

To add to the impact, the song is accompanied with a music video in which Catherine appears to be expressing herself openly and passionately. The whole colour palette of the music video is monochromatic, which gives the song a personality and an accompanying picture that we can see when we listen to the audio on streaming services. The arrangement also perfectly matches the mood of the song. As we listen to the lyrics, the strong pounding drums and distorted guitars truly make us feel the impacts and push the emotions in. I thought Catherine’s performance was excellent and that she would mesmerise the audience as soon as they began to understand the composition.

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