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Hari Nandu Sedona
Hari Nandu Sedona
Hari Nandu Sedona

Hari Nandu’s Touching Tribute ‘Sedona’ – A Heartfelt Instrumental Memory

New York electric solo bassist Hari Nandu‘s first release, “Sedona“, is a heartfelt instrumental tribute in memory of Hari’s dear friend’s baby daughter who passed away. With this piece, he attempts to capture a glimpse of her beautiful spirit.

Hari’s style blends elements of jazz and classical music drawing inspiration from artists such as Michael Manring, Damian Coccio, Jeff Schmidt, and Jesús Rico Peréz. He plays both the 5-string bass and the fretless Zon Hyperbass.

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As we delve into the soothing sounds of this indie jazz instrumental, we are not only transported to a world of serenity but also reminded of the profound purpose behind this piece—to capture the beautiful spirit of Sedona and honor her memory. This two-and-a-half-minute clean electric bass solo stands as a testament to Nandu’s artistry, with its impeccable tone and evocative phrasing that express a range of emotions, from contemplation to pensiveness.

From the very first note, Hari Nandu’s phrasing captivates the senses, enveloping the listener in a cocoon of tranquility. The tone is impeccably rounded, with each note resonating like a gentle breeze through an Arizona desert. Nandu’s bass work is nothing short of sublime, effortlessly conveying feelings of beauty and thought. “Sedona” has a minimalistic arrangement, with the clean electric bass shining as the sole protagonist. The note choice and sonic atmosphere display radiance, elegance, and grace.

“Sedona” goes beyond being a melody; it embodies a mission. The Sedonation Memorial Fund was established by Sedona’s parents to help families who have infants like Sedona. This includes infants who are at risk or diagnosed with cerebral palsy, to fund the right therapies and treatments so that they achieve their full potential. A lot of these therapies are expensive and tend to be not covered by insurance. Hopefully, her legacy, her butterfly effect, will help many more families.

With “Sedona” by Haru Nandu, we not only appreciate its musical brilliance but also join in the collective effort to make a difference and carry forward Sedona’s spirit of resilience, strength, and hope.

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