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“Cash Out Freestyle”, by Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L : Power, flow, butter hip-hop, with a dash of style

Infused with intense emotion, Breon S.Y.ND.E.L vividly portrays heartache and the relentless quest for opulence, all the while striving to shatter life’s monotonous cycles. His first venture, “B4,” garnered universal praise and featured collaborations with renowned artists like Kodie Shane and Michael Christmas. Further down the line, we stand at his latest release, “Cash Out Freestyle”. Keep reading for my thoughts!

The whole track remains true to Breon’s stylistic signatures, with the trademark hedonism, the dark, underground sound that he is fast becoming known for. The heavily autotuned, half-sung freestyle vocal style reminds me of work by titans like Travis Scott earlier on in his career, among similar high names in the industry. The production plays a perfect support role here as well, driving the whole track forward with flow and panache that makes for a power-packed performance.

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The rhyming schemes, while they remain true to the fundamentals and overall flow simply, there are other patterns of complexity being observed with the adlibs, and the synths in the background that yield texture and dimensionality to the mix and the production. Overall, this makes the song easy to follow through and listen to, a boon to the themes of hedonism and the explicit in the lyrics.

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Overall, “Cash Out Freestyle” is a power-packed hip-hop and rap performance that is sure to entertain your eardrums for many a listen to come. Check out the track here!

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