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Hunter-Little Games
Hunter-Little Games
Hunter-Little Games

Hunter brings melody to his swinging rock song called “Little Games”

A musician like Hunter really invests in the songs he writes. Not only do they have the intended intonation and modulation to be extremely expressive, this artist goes above and beyond to write meaningful proses from the heart. Songs like I’ve Been Looking have become extremely popular because of this, and he is just getting warmed up for this brilliant run. This is his latest single, Little Games. 

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Hunter gets the sound out

What could become a chord progression for a ballad turns out to become a swinging rock track. The layers are audibly organised to put that same kind of pressure Hunter would have intended. His vocals are always an energetic surprise, riding the waves of the overall feel. There’s a reason why he’s featured on many indie rock playlists. Transparent and emotive, Little Games is one of his best for multiple reasons. The chorus riff is simple, enjoyable, and something a stadium full of people would sing for Hunter. In parts, it sounds like the emotions that Sum-41 felt, but a whole lot more verbose. One listen, and I can guarantee you’ll remember those lyrics for time to come. I also want to commend his choice of guitar tones-the solo sections ring out with an incredible edge. 

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His incredibly personal single ur bedroom and we belong together are some more favourites. You must check out Hunter with his other singles and follow him-for the talent the music carries alone. The Louisville native has a lot to offer, so listen to his single here and rock out to some emo!:

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