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Eve Whelan – Wasted Youth | Ecstatic Symphony

Eve Whelan is a young Irish musician and singer-songwriter who is 19 years old and caresses the listener’s hearts through her ecstatic symphony. She made her debut with the single named “Transitions” which was released in March 2021 which was shortly followed by her debut EP named “Reflection” in June 2021. Each track on the EP was written, sung and produced by Eve in her home studio. Her discography is a vivid display of her intense musical skills that are beautifully complimented by her deep lyricism.

“Eve Whelan is a young talent which can become a sensation if kindled and fostered”

I recently came across Eve’s latest release named ‘Wasted Youth’ which is a perfect piece of art that beautifully portrays her hypnotic lyricism and elite musicality. The track is full of magical elements that will surely snatch your breath away. The guitar strums add a sense of depth to the track which is perfectly reflected through deep and crystal clear vocals. The crisp texture in her vocals make her track stand out of the crowd. The lyrics are deep and delivered with all the required power to incur maximum impact. Each beat takes you into a deeper trip of lyricism and musicality. The subtle use of vocal layering makes this track one of the most hypnotic track I’ve heard in a while. This is a track which will surely have you picture the lyrics and drown into the deep melodies of the track.

‘Wasted Youth’ by Eve Whelan is a must listen for anyone who enjoys deep musicality. Listen to ‘Wasted Youth’ here-

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