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Sun Deep – Quarantined Thoughts | Immersive Sensation

Sun Deep is an Indian born artist who is based in Oklahoma who is known for his innovative approach for Hip-Hop. He made his debut in 2020 since then he has been working on diversifying his discography through solo tracks, productions, and by being a member of a multi-lingual group called Finite Galaxy. He is appreciated and known for his deep lyrics that pierce through the skin and go deep into the hearts. His innovative approach holds on tight to the listeners throughout the track making him one of the most addictive artists. The way Sun Deep carries his music, leaves a mark on the listeners’ minds. His tracks hold deep meanings which can turn out to be a complete life changer.

“Sun Deep is the pioneer of channeling deep musicality into Hip-Hop, fusing elements that make the more sonorous”

I recently came across Sun Deep’s latest work which is an instrumental album which is called ‘Quarantined Thoughts’. The album is a masterpiece when it comes to musicality and uniqueness. Each track stands out of the crowd and is something that you would have never listened to. The way Sun Deep fuses various eccentric elements into his productions impactfully is ecstatic. The whole album is unique and the way he has carried each track and connected each track with the other is remarkably beautiful. This is exactly the album that you can put on to your headphones while reading a mellow book. Each track goes perfectly hand in hand with the vibe of the album and is executed with beauty.

The album contains 11 tracks and each one of them exceeds the other in one way or another. The melodic soundness of the album is perfectly justified through each track. What intrigued me the most was the cautious musical element curation. Each element falls perfectly into space. This album is a true piece of art that runs deep into the depths of musical sensations.

Each track portrays something new and innovative. The way Sun Deep mixes in various elements into Hip-Hop is exceptional. This is one of the best instrumental album I’ve heard in a while. Each track falls into the right spaces like a jigsaw puzzle to make it a complete masterpiece. The touch of Indian musical elements takes the album to an another level. musical piece is a work of art and contributes into making this album powerful.

Do give ‘Quarantined Thoughts’ a listen, it is innovative and contains diverse flavors woven into a single piece of art. Listen to ‘Quarantined Thoughts’ by Sun Deep-

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