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Windows - High Sierra Lows
Windows - High Sierra Lows
Windows - High Sierra Lows Cover art

Jangly west-coast music meets California country in “High Sierra Lows” by Windows

Matthew Arias founded the Los Angeles-based musical project Windows in 2018. Arias brings his experience and knowledge to Windows and creates a distinctively Mexican-American sound by fusing vintage California country, vintage surf rock, and West Coast psychedelia. With the jangly west coast sound and capacity to beautifully express intense musical emotions, the band has been making waves in the indie music market for a while now.

Their most recent song, “High Sierra Lows,” is one such example of exquisite beauty. The listener is taken to a world where the Sierra Nevada Mountains’ rough landscape meets California’s sun-kissed beaches as soon as the opening chords are played. Guitars, drums, and other instruments are used in the exquisite instrumentation, which seamlessly blends together. One of the prominent characteristics of “High Sierra Lows” is the drumming. The track’s atmosphere is perfectly set by the drums, which also serve as a strong foundation. There is nothing less than graceful in the way the percussion blends with the guitars and vocals. You can’t help but be lured in by the song’s enticing melody and contagious rhythm as a listener.

Overall, “High Sierra Lows” is an excellent example of what Windows is capable of. The band’s distinctive fusion of genres results in a sound that is yet nostalgic and modern. This song is definitely worth a listen if you like jangly west coast music with a cold beer. Do give this track a go! You will surely love it.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track down here-

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