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Mia Mormino – Joan Of Arc |

Mia Mormino is a Los Angeles native with 1M+ Spotify streams, 6.5M+ Youtube views, Mia’s work is admired throughout the world. Mia Mormino is known for her authentic lyrics that are deep and touching. Her tracks are a perfect representation of exquisite musicality and deep lyricism. This has gained her a wide and loyal fanbase. Mia Mormino is great at experimenting with musicality and has never disappointed me with her track since the day I first listened to her track.

“Mia Mormino feels like the first cigarette of the day, packed with all the power in the world ready to be burned.”

I recently came across one of her latest releases, ‘Joann Of Arc’ which is a perfect masterpiece. The music is deep and perfectly compliments the theme of the track. Each beat flows with a layer of confidence which is one of the best parts of the track. Mia is a magician when it comes to deep lyricism and exquisite musicality. The song started off at a low pace and I knew what is coming when the heavy bassline came in. The track is highly addictive and is playing on repeat in my mind. This is one of those track which has the power to influence the masses.

‘Joan Of Arc’ is one one of those tracks which I can listen to throughout my life and still not get bored. Do give this track a listen. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED.

Listen to ‘Joan Of Arc’ by Mia Mormino-

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