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Daragh's Don't Let it Get to You
Daragh's Don't Let it Get to You
Daragh - Don't Let it Get to You cover art

Discover The Latest Single “Don’t Let it Get to You”by Daragh: A Catchy and Uplifting Pop Gem with a Message for Everyone

Daragh is an acclaimed Norwegian artist known for his unique melodic guitar riffs and funk bass sounds. He was previously the guitarist and songwriter for Company Ink, a band that gained popularity in Norway in 2018. He has since embarked on a solo career and published nine singles and an EP to date, demonstrating his flexibility and distinctive style. His earlier singles “Stay the Same” and “All Those Things” have both gotten praise from critics and have been played on Norwegian radio.

I recently discovered this amazing artist and I was impressed by this particular track named “Don’t Let it Get to You”. has a contemporary pop sound while incorporating elements of British guitar music from the 1980s. The subject of the song—learning to deal with other people’s thoughts and comments—is well conveyed by Daragh’s vocals, which are crystal clear and filled with emotion. The song’s addictive guitar riffs and pulsating rhythm section make it difficult not to tap your feet to the beat.

The difficulties of selecting which ideas and comments are worth listening to and which aren’t being explored in “Don’t Let it Get to You”. The upbeat and empowering message of the song is conveyed with enthusiasm and honesty, making it a noteworthy track that will undoubtedly strike a chord with fans. It’s evidence of his skill as a songwriter and performer, and it confirms his status as one of Norway’s up-and-coming musical talents. His ability to combine classic and contemporary sounds in a way that feels fresh and exciting is one of the best portrayals of his talent and his potential as an artist.

Catch a little glimpse of the latest release by Daragh down here-

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