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Mark Winters – Boundary Layer

Mark Winters is a Texas-based singer-songwriter. Mark Winters is not only a musician but also a witty poet, entrepreneur, optimist, family man, and a certified rocket scientist. He first picked up a guitar to play a song for his wife on their anniversary. That’s when he discovered the joy of connecting with people through music. Mark combines music, poetry, a science background, and a love for his community to form his signature sound, “rock with a positive vibe.” Mark confidently merges Rock and Blues Rock with Pop music creating a whole new array of music.

“My music starts from a place of poetry and creative inspiration, and I use my ‘rocket-scientist brain’ to find structures that help me explore that initial burst of inspiration and feeling – like writing haikus, my favorite! My grandmother taught me to express myself through poetry and I’m thankful to her for setting me on this creative and expressive path.” – Mark Winters

His latest release is ‘Boundary Layer’ which is an album of 8 songs which so versatilely diverse that it will blow your mind. The way Mark uses his scientific terms in his music to express his feelings just leaves me spellbound. The first line of the first song ‘Boundary Layer’ – “Pushing at the super-sonic speed” is just stuck in my head since I heard the album. The artist never disappoints to astonish you with his versatility throughout the album.

The first two songs, ‘Boundary Layer’ and ‘Heart Beat’ can be considered as the intro of the album and a perfect duo to enter into the masterpiece called ‘Boundary Layer’. Both the songs are energetic and full of life set the pace for the album. Mark’s vocal modulation throughout the second song is phenomenal.

The next four songs are the valley of the album going down yet not losing the energy. These four songs will make you sway along with the calming and groovy music. The way Mark carries the music through these four songs is just amazing without losing his contact with strong lyricism at any point. The fifth song, ‘It Moves In You’ is the most mellow yet one of the most powerful songs on the album.

The seventh song, ‘What You Give’ is an energetic song full of thoughtful lyrics which will make you rethink the way of living life. This song has cleared my perception of life and was an eye-opening track for me. This is undoubtedly my favorite track from the album.

The last song of the album is ‘Swaying tree’ and as the name suggests, the song sways from right to left and is the perfect ending for the album. The smooth and crisp vocal texture just melts your ear-drums with pleasure.

The album ‘Boundary Layers’ is a must listen for anyone who enjoys rock music or pop-blues.

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