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ozie vox- healing
ozie vox- healing

Electro-Pop Elegance: Ozie Vox’s “Healing” Touches Souls

Presenting Ozie Vox, a Central American musical force with a remarkable journey that began with a religious upbringing. In an unexpected turn of events, Ozie’s encounter with AC/DC in church opened the door to his musical enthusiasm. Enticed by the appeal of the Black Metal & Goth scenes, he thrived in LA’s underground in the early 2000s, refining his live performance skills. Ozie evolved into a sought-after DJ, taking over LA’s nightlife by combining EDM, Hip-Hop, and Pop. As a seasoned producer, he creates a distinctive sound by integrating his multiple influences into an outstanding musical experience. After producing music for other artists for 15 years, he has come up with his own project.

Ozie Vox has returned, this time with his second single, “Healing.” You will enter a rewarding world of electro-pop with some truly outstanding musical arrangements mainly fueled by entrancing synths. The female vocals steal the spotlight, showcasing distinctive elegance and strength. The synths move and dance, accompanied by energetic beats and an engaging bassline.

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You’ll encounter unexpected surprises and lots of ebb and flow that keep you on the edge of your seat. Yet, the female vocals and chorus add a touch of soothing melody throughout this intense musical adventure. Then, at 2:15, the beat drop is simply incredible, hitting all the right notes. But it was the ending that hit me the most. It truly touched my heart. The keys gave a sense of melancholy but also brought some sort of relief as if you have found calm after the chaos.

It’s like emerging as a stronger, better version of oneself after overcoming life’s hardships. The triumphant sentiment that runs through the song resonates powerfully with thoughts of accomplishment and growth after conquering tough times. Ozie Vox has created a work of art that not only captivates with its extraordinary musicality but also touches your heart, leaving you with a sense of hope.

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Enjoy listening to “Healing” by Ozie Vox.

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