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Miles Squiers – BLACK CHEVY | Addictive

Miles Squiers, a singer, songwriter, and producer from San Francisco, has released a new song called ‘BLACK CHEVY,’ which completely enthralled us with its addicting beat. The songwriting also has a whimsical quality to it, which instantly adds to the thrill and sets the tone. The atmosphere is tempting enough to keep us captivated on the music from the beginning. The attitude in the vocal delivery adds a lot to the overall ambiance. The performance fits in perfectly with the atmosphere and blends in wonderfully with the song’s musical texture. The texture of the voice also contributes to the track’s tone. The music would linger in our minds long after the song had ended.

I particularly liked the synth lines that looped throughout the song, which kept the music exciting throughout. The chorus is my favourite part of the song, and it stays in my brain long after I’ve finished listening to it. It definitely has the kind of quality that will stick with you for a long time. Overall, the acoustic texture, along with such a fascinating groove, would have a significant favourable influence on our experience. The vocal delivery has a nice touch to it as well, keeping us interested in the tune. The transitions between verses and chorus are also effective. There was never a time when I felt separated from the mood of the song. I am confident that any listeners who come upon the song will enjoy being immersed in the atmosphere.

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