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Rare Seed – Blue Basin | Colorant Mix

Lex Condes‘ solo musical project, ‘Rare Seed,’ a New Orleans-based multi-instrumentalist, has released his new album, ‘Blue Basin,’ which sails over numerous colourful tides. Each instrument has a specific purpose and rationale for being a part of these 10 tunes. The guitar and drums form the backbone of the band and are powerful enough to become the driving force behind most of the tunes. With such easygoing melodies and playing, the mood is maintained light and fun. The album grows with repeated listens, and it’s fascinating to observe how the sonic world takes on new hues with each song while maintaining a consistent tone.

The album begins with the song “The Royal We,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album by gradually increasing momentum. Many listeners would be drawn to the funky groove and guitar playing. We can’t seem to stop ourselves from moving to the beat. The performances are incredibly genuine, and the transitions from one song to the next are seamless. The second track, ‘Hazy Malaise,’ begins gently and builds into an intense and textured progression. Soon, the mood begins to transition to a more lively rhythm. There is a wonderful synergy of little funk and blues hues that will keep the listeners fascinated. Along with such a wonderfully interesting guitar play, the drums continue to sound incredibly strong.

StandingWallsCrashingWaves‘ maintains the mood, with fantastic melodies complementing the cheerful tone of the guitars and drumming. The voices in the distance perfectly complement the guitar and percussion development, which is just amazing throughout. Each song’s title is also really fascinating, and it truly makes us think about the songs. With the guitar, drums, and bass combo in the next song, ‘(Sluice Your Mind),’ the songwriting becomes more prominent. The voices seem so real and natural, and they have their own feel, which adds to the excitement of the journey. The dramatic opening to ‘Lake of Light‘ will undoubtedly capture our attention, and then, in an unexpected twist, the mood shifts to a lot more vibrant environment with somewhat more intense dark shades. The music flawlessly transitions between numerous moods that are both impactful and thrilling to listen to.

Hard Boiled Wonderland‘ features a lot of textural characteristics that will enthral listeners. We get to hear such beautiful organ melodies, and it truly serves as a fantastic bridge for the album’s changing narrative. With ‘Wavy Pictures,’ the musical narrative adventure continues to expand. The vocals in this song really caught my attention, and it has a lot of personality. With the melodic composition, the writing is elegantly given extra depth. The guitar layers, along with the bass and percussion, remain strong throughout the album and become important aspects in achieving a constant sound. With ‘Blood Filled Skull,’ the music becomes more pleasing; the writing truly leaves an impression and elegantly entails such internal emotions, modulating between numerous melodies, adding such vitality to the mood. With the passage of time, the song’s intensity grows. The guitar, on the other hand, maintains a light tone, with SFX making a strong and intense appearance at key moments.

With the first listen, ‘Undulations‘ truly struck a chord with me in terms of musical expression. It did have an influence on us, causing us to pause and consider our thoughts. It is extremely commendable that this piece, which is so beautifully created, has the potential to put us in such a mood. Finally, the title tune, ‘Blue Basin,’ brings the album to a close with some fantastic guitar riffs. I was blown away by the guitar tone, which is incredible. The riff grows longer as the song proceeds, gradually getting into our nerves. The voice gradually adds to the progression. Throughout, the atmosphere is enthralling. I adored how each musical element becomes a character for the record and weaves its way through the plot.

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