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Stunna – Solid Gold
Stunna – Solid Gold

Stunna – Solid Gold | Meaty Alt Blues

Alternative rock band Stunna from Oklahoma provides a taste of meaty heavy alternative blues with their latest song Solid Gold. They combine the vitality of alternative rock with gritty blues, hip-hop with the modern spirit of indie rock. They even attempt to imbibe hip-hop and the larger conversation and spoken word tradition. The band blends the joy of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers with the edge of acts like Kings Of Leon and the Foo Fighters. The act is fronted by Justin Logan with his unique stage persona and sturdy singing.

As the song begins the heavy tone with a well rounded low end is something that you would expect out of a heavier modern metal record. But soon we realize, that the riffs are in the style of the blues. Blues rock with a low-end sound is heavy and tasty as hell. The inclusion of the right amount of noise and grittiness into a still well produced song sounds exquisite. An outro with some crazy vocal delivery by Logan is remarkable. Raw and heavy while rooted in the blues is the apt description for this song.

These guys make organic and genuine indie music that is unfiltered and honest at the same time. As they say, production is less emphasized than the human touch. Quite frankly, overproduction and alienation of music from the listener is a malady that must be addressed in modern music. And Stunna delivers on that promise. That is while providing a fresh tonal space for the music.

Stunna have indeed struck Solid Gold with this track with their bold and fearless songwriting.

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