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Kelsie Kimberlin - Fruit Basket
Kelsie Kimberlin - Fruit Basket

Kelsie Kimberlin – Fruit Basket

The pop-anthem connoisseur and queen, Kelsie Kimberlin has just dropped yet another one of her addictive, dance-driven singles, Fruit Basket! With emphatic beats and fun vocals, the track is thoroughly enjoyable. At just 22 years, Kimberlin has a sophisticated flair and an immutable confidence that drive her songs to be a raging hit! It is impressive to see how her songs are all movements of energy that you cannot ignore.

The artist is known to use her powerful vocals and magnetic compositions to bring out issues and themes that affect humanity. We see it in her singles, Lobotomy, and American Guns. She also delves into the emotional aspects of humans and makes beautiful compositions about love, beauty, travel, and other themes.

Stylized Latin beats and acoustics manifest a tropical backdrop that we can’t help but vibe to. And when combined with the free-spirited passion of the vocals, the song gets us in a smooth groove, and a merry headspace. The vintage Latin allure of the song makes it perfect for some holiday jiving. Weaved into the pop verses are exotic smoky baskets of Spanish vocals and accents that beautifully ties into the aesthetic of the song.

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