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Julien Noma – Change the System
Julien Noma – Change the System

Julien Noma – Change the System

Change the System is a Progressive House track from DJ and producer Julien Noma. Over a span of seven minutes, the track traverses through a range of emotions. It starts out incredibly energetic, almost trance-y. With engaging loops and hooks, the artist builds up an ethereal experience. The meditative sound consumes the listener from start to finish. Finally, as the song ends, it leaves behind a sense of enthusiasm and zest with the listener. 

Julien Noma has been crafting music since 2012. He has explored a range of House sonic elements over this decade of making music. He’s worked alongside others who are just as passionate about the music as he is, and this has helped him grow and evolve as a musician. Further, he is the founder of Sevilla Records, and is half of the musical duo Dirty Frenchies.

He has a massive fanbase in Dijon and the general French region, St. Barth of the French West Indies. And after having arrived in Dubai, he has been on a roll thanks to his ability to create a unique atmosphere with his music. His sound is associated with a positive and dynamic energy as it fluidly moves through beautiful emotions.

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