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Marc Bird – Moon Puddles | Peddling Tales

Marc Bird, a songwriter, producer, and visual artist from Sunderland, UK, has just released his blissful sounding song ‘Moon Puddles‘.  The song’s strongest feature is its distinct mood and progression, which creates a fantastic experience with each chord change. The song’s journey is greatly enhanced by the writing. There’s a sense of discovery and integration of such minute details that gives our imagination a boost. The phrases are basic, which helps listeners maintain track as the tune progresses, and there are plenty of opportunities for us to gasp and appreciate the ambiance. The vocal delivery is really well-matched to the arrangement and has a slight swing to it, which adds interest.

The guitars are the focal point of the arrangement, which creates the song’s tone, while the E.Piano provides a layer of warmth to the piece as it progresses. The drums and bass work in tandem to keep the beat going throughout the song. The song has a lot of dynamics in each section, which truly drives out the passion of the piece. The area appears to be tidy and uncluttered. The sound of the sea adds a lot to the experience. The song’s structure is unique, which will captivate many music fans. The saxophone solo, which is extremely wonderful, and the extra sense of space throughout the interludes truly adds to the performance. I am convinced that the song will appeal to a wide range of music fans. The music begins to grow on us as we listen to it again and again, which is a fantastic attribute of a good song.

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