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Charlie Fisher – Do You Feel It Now | Liberated Constraints

Charlie Fisher has released his new song ‘Do You Feel It Now,’ which is booming with such high-spirited performances. ‘Sevenths‘ is also featured in the song. With its fast-paced production and upbeat tone, the mood instantly energises us. In terms of songwriting, it challenges us to push beyond any barriers and to empower our most sensitive impulses. The music makes you feel independent and free-spirited. The song’s upbeat tone will resonate with listeners, and the lyrics will leave a lasting impression on their minds. The vocal performances, which properly enunciated the affects of each word and struck the correct nerves within us, certainly add a lot to the piece.

The production of the song immediately boosts the excitement of the song. With such a powerful funky bass, the drums’ double time beat forms the song’s rock solid foundation. I especially liked the bass tone, which contributes a lot to the song’s melodic quality when combined with the rhythmic pattern. The guitars are particularly fantastic in this tune, bringing just the proper amount of funky flavour to the progression. The vocal chops, which mix in smoothly and efficiently with the core vocals, are one component of the song that truly adds a lot of excitement to the piece. Combining each aspect, whether it’s the production, the performance, or the lyrics, would pique the interest of listeners.

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