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Nieri – In Our Eyes (foreverandever
Nieri – In Our Eyes (foreverandever

Nieri – In Our Eyes (foreverandever<3 Remix) | Hypnotic Trance

LA based electro dance pop artist Nieri brings us an enchanting remix of his In Our Eyes featuring foreverandever<3. The Stockholm based producer Joakim Buddee aka foreverandever<3 makes techno pop music and really transforms the song in a great direction. In Our Eyes is the fourth track from the latest EP Starshine.

The song begins with a clangy and prominent bass line with a well sphered tone. The bass syncopates with the drum cymbals and snare to give a very catchy groove. On this the smoky vocals are laid upon. As the drums get more intricate form a rhythmic perspective. The chorus is held on with a sustained synth organ background. Percussive samples then come in for the second verse. Vocal high pitched samples with sustained chords sweep in along with a bridge that uses some creatively applied samples and a retro synth bass line. Great work by Nieri!

The hypnotic beats and mesmerizing melodies transport the listener to a surreal world where anything is possible. The song’s psychedelic elements add an extra layer of trippiness, making it a perfect choice for dancing or just getting lost in your own thoughts. The production is top-notch, with sparkling synths, tight drums, and shimmering effects that perfectly complement the trippy, hypnotic vibe of the song.

This remix of In Our Eyes by Nieri is a techno dance pop song that takes listeners on a journey through an imaginative and dazzling psychedelic landscape. A must-listen for fans of techno, dance, and psychedelic music and sweetly crafted electronic music.

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