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Beautiful Animal - Beautiful Animal
Beautiful Animal - Beautiful Animal

Beautiful Animal – Beautiful Animal | Dynamic

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Beautiful Animal just dropped their debut album of the same name. With a flair for Pop, Soul, and Rock n’ Roll, the Finnish outfit have some absolute bangers on this album. The group of four has an infectious sound that stays with you long after listening to any of their music. The album, Beautiful Animal, features 10 songs, with a total run time of nearly 45 minutes! That should be plenty of time for you to get acquainted with the groovy rhythm and scintillating melodies.

Kicking off the album is Candlelight, a track that gives you no time to adjust, and throws you right in the deep end of the Beautiful Animal sound. With a funky guitar and soulful vocal line, Candlelight gives you the entryway into an incredible, dreamy sound. The synths and guitars give you an almost alien experience with how psychedelic they sound. Moreover, the 80s Dreamy Disco Pop sound gives you a hopeful feeling of nostalgia. Once you hit that guitar solo, there is no going back. The Brian May-esque tones and melody gives you such a warm feeling to hold on to.

Moving on to To Do Love, we have a track that portrays dynamism and range in, possibly, the best way possible. The whole track sounds like a Jackson 5 tune that you could listen to at any given moment. The drums go hard on this track and complement the melody so well. Yet again, the vocals and guitar play an instrumental role in keeping with that dreamy tone. We hear similar tones and features in Ladyshow that plays even more on the darker tones. Additionally, the drums get a bigger shout on this track for defining variation and dynamism clearer than day!

Next up, we have Multicolourflower, a track previously released as a single but featured on the album too! This track has a really cool, groovy flow to it that you cannot sleep on. While Beautiful Animal specialises in creating Pop and Soul melody lines, they create an insane Surf Rock vibe. Meanwhile, Graveyard showcases their ability to create music from, typically unpleasant high notes. This track presents us with technical brilliance, and sonic superiority that seems unparalleled.

The album ends on the titular track and Beautiful Animal does not disappoint. The track begins with a powerful display of vocal mastery that speaks straight to your soul. As soon as the guitar kicks in, you may be reminded of a certain Jimmy Page with a crunchy tone and distortion that can start a moshpit. The drums, reminiscent of Keith Moon, show us what a possible The Who meets Led Zeppelin gig may look like.

All in all, Beautiful Animal has a sound that turns heads and keeps you focussed on the sound. If you love good music with some nostalgic overtones, this is the band for you. While they only have one album out, they do have three other singles that you can stream right now. So what are you waiting for?

Be sure to stream the Beautiful Animal album today!

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