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Linda - Ballad of Abigail | Soulful 
Linda - Ballad of Abigail | Soulful 

Linda – Ballad of Abigail | Soulful 

Linda is not just a phenomenal artist but also a pilot. Through music, she combines her two passions and forms a unique concocted art that appeals to folks around the world. She has mastered the art of being authentic in whatever she does. 

Her recent release is a song called Ballad of Abigail, a unique and soulful number that has so much to offer. It is a classic number with euphoric elements putting you at ease almost instantly. The song is a smooth transition into a realm of bliss and tranquility and will make you wonder about all life’s riches. It will envelop you in its peaceful aura and will leave you wanting more. 

The song has a magnificent quality to it, each tune works its magic on you like a beautiful landscape having so much to offer. The song has a gentle pace and builds up slowly and does so in a very artistic manner making you crave for more. The authentic melodies that decorate the track fill your soul. They will linger in your head for quite some time. And if you listen to the song numerous times, the song becomes unforgettable. 

The song has been sung in a classic R&B style. Each note is gorgeous and one must pay heed to Linda’s stunning vocals. They are simply exquisite and add a lot of depth to the track. Her voice has a healing quality to it that keeps sounding better with every listen. 

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