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New Beginnings – Nightly Gatherings | Atmosphere

Electronic music can come in a wide variety of forms– of the energetic kind, of the kind that stands you up and motivates you, and among other things, the kind that just brings a smile to your face when you listen to it. Somehow, “New Beginnings” by Nightly Gatherings manages to strike just the right balance between the three kinds I talk about here. There is a lot to talk about in this review, so keep reading to know why I think so.

The song starts off on a tense-ish arpeggio that evokes a kind of curiosity in you– a looking forward to what is to come; and this is satiated quickly, with an explosion of atmospheric synths and just overall space that immediately draws you into the song, and keeps you listening past those crucial 15 or so seconds– and this is a welcome delight, in my opinion. The whole mix explodes into energy, with the kind of room that allures the mind. AS the track develops, it fills with beautifully engineered elements that preserve their signature tonalities, and that is something that thoroughly impressed me.

The vocals in the interlude are well delivered, with a subtle vocode effect that manages to sound right, with the percussion building up gently in the background while maintaining their timbre and presence before the track settles back into its march-esque tempo.

Overall, “New Beginnings” by Nightly Gatherings made for a fully enjoyable listen, and I would recommend more of their music. Check “New Beginnings” out here!

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