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MoAnanda - Cheers!
MoAnanda - Cheers!

MoAnanda – Cheers!

MoAnanda is an indie-pop project founded by Saint-Martin singer-songwriter Moana, and Ananda, a producer, mixing engineer, and multi-instrumentalist from India. The duo reconciles their styles to realize their unique artistic vision. In their latest release, Cheers!, MoAnanda toast to a great life, unionizing all the good vibes. And that’s exactly the kind of energy you need going into a new year!

The duo debuted in 2020 with their single, Lean On Me and has since released seven singles that range from nostalgic acoustics, soothing folk, and indie to dark rock, electronica and shadow pop.

The track is an intricate amalgamation of diverse genres. Using funk rock riffs, earthy folk bleeds, sultry vocals, and electro-pop melodies, the resultant sound is delightfully fresh and distinctively theirs. Unexpectedly rustic and toasty, the wry musical perspective makes for a mellow and intrinsic form of celebration.

The complementing styles of the two artists are bound by gossamer lines of multi-textured melodies. Matte folk palettes beautifully balance out the glossy lines of riffs and synths. The song is also super immersive. By inculcating sounds of popping champagne, clinking glasses, and cheering interludes, the artists appeal to memory and sensual faculties to create a more visual and relatable experience.

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