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JShell-Haunted | Morbidly musical

When JShell makes a debut, he wants it to count. A multi-instrumentalist who has contributed to many projects, he is making his mark now. Rather than deliver some washed up music novella, he kicks it into 5th gear for his debut release. From his debut album that will come out soon, In My Head, this is the debut rocker, Haunted. Worth this hype and more.

The chilling intro might be something you remember from films or plays, but it does the trick. One of the most popular “horror” based tunes ever, this leads into JShell’s song. With a killer bassline, and I really mean killer, the song starts. It is a running, hopping, energetic one that is elevated with the powerful vocals. By the time the guitars kick in, you know you’re in for the haunted house roller coaster ride. The aggressive push is the hopped up energy a song like this is juiced for. The guitar work is exemplary, distributing tones and techniques, making for quite the audio palette. The bassline remains with you, creating the catchy effect for a song like this to really bite. This rhythm is something that would work in any song, but the instrumentals remain the highlight. It is a brilliant bit of musical excursion, and you’ll be glad you’re invited. This is the kind of song that pours back faith into live instrument recording, band chemistry.

With a stellar line-up of musicians and producers working with him, this is JShell making his magnum opus. From Genesis to Phish, Beatles and Queen as influences, there’s no telling which era the sound will travel to next. All we know is that the master conductor will have a masterpiece ready for your perusal. Listen to his single here:

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