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Jade Ashtangini-Heart Touching Moments
Jade Ashtangini-Heart Touching Moments
Jade Ashtangini-Heart Touching Moments

Jade Ashtangini-Heart Touching Moments | Of Memory

Jade Ashtangini channels energy just like she does music. They all come together to create a beautiful pot-pourri of sound, balanced vitality and crystalline clarity. Popular for her cello and piano renditions, this composer and performer creates art as an extension of herself. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any classical/neoclassical playlist without one of her songs, for good reason. This is her single, Heart Touching Moments. 

With a piano base and the cello flowing in like a rivulet, you feel a wave of Zen overthrow your composure. It is almost overwhelming, the way she chooses and phrases notes and moments to create such a masterpiece. Being in touch with nature, herself and music-the songs have a complete aura that is difficult to pinpoint in other artists. Nostalgia and a flood of memories come crashing in, when you hear such a well composed song like this. Jade Ashtangini has always possessed the ability to breakdown music to be as memorable as lines to a song. As she makes instrumentals, you realize why you can connect to the song, without any verbal association. It is a brilliant way of purposing the music to mean something, to the artist as well as listener. I was transported to a realm between liminal voids listening to this flowing track. 

Her songs like Being Joyful, Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto and Life As It Is show an artist in action unlike any other. Rather than showing off virtuosic elements of her playing, she makes it with the moment and memory. The organic movement is so natural, it feels like tai-chi or yoga, the latter being something which she teaches. You can listen to her melodic masterpiece here:

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