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Transmissions – Mermaid
Transmissions – Mermaid

Transmissions – Mermaid | Rock Bust

West Midlands and Liverpool rock n’ roll band Transmissions has released their latest firey single Mermaid. “Mermaid” is an exciting and energizing piece of rock that draws the listener in with its engaging rhythms and heavy riffs. The song begins with a simple and catchy guitar riff that is quickly joined by the rest of the band, creating an infectious groove that will keep you hooked. The main verse of the song is driven by a steady and powerful rhythm section, while the guitars provide a series of memorable riffs and solos. The chorus features a catchy melody that is easy to sing along with and is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

The song is made even more exciting by its electrifying guitar solo and the prominent walking bass lines, which gives the track an extra level of joyful playful character, intensity, and energy well balanced. This is followed by a dynamic bridge section that features a cool playoff all musical elements which works wonderfully with the heavy riffs and driving rhythms of the song. The track concludes with a cheeky, playful, powerful, and explosive chorus that will leave you wanting more. What I enjoyed about this song by Transmissions was the tonal clarity and prominence of the bass and the cymbals on the drums.

Overall, Transmissions’ “Mermaid” is a great retro rock song that combines catchy riffs, energizing rhythms, and a cheery joyful retro rock vibe. The song has a great flow and a powerful energy that will draw the listener in and keep them hooked. Whether you are a fan of rock or a lover of retro music, “Mermaid” is sure to be a great addition to your music library.

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