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Jane Marie – How I Miss You| Embracing Melancholy

Get ready to be swept away by the soulful and touching melodies of Jane Marie. This talented songwriter and composer has a successful career with credits for the BBC and Channel 4, as well as the stage musical, “A Tale of Two Cities” and the film score for “Othello” produced by GoBig! Productions. Collaborating with vocalist Jessica Mia and sound engineer Tim Walker during lockdown, Jane Marie has created an album that speaks to the heart with its poignant themes of life, love, and loss. With musical influences from Coldplay and Adele to classic legends like Paul McCartney and Elton John, Jane Marie’s music is a must-listen for anyone who wants to be moved by the power of music.

In a burst of creativity, Jane Marie has just released a new single( in collaboration with Jessica Mia) that will captivate your senses and leave you breathless. The song, entitled “How I Miss You,” is a beautiful and poignant masterpiece that showcases her talent as an artist. The track begins with a gentle and melodious piano intro that sets the tone for what’s to come. As Jessica’s voice takes center stage, you’ll find yourself immediately drawn into the ambiance she creates.

The song’s melancholic tone is offset by the solace it provides, making it a truly unique listening experience. The minimal instrumentation is perfectly balanced, and every note serves a purpose in conveying the song’s message. If you close your eyes and let the music take over, you’ll be transported to another realm, where the sky is a beautiful shade of purple, and the air is filled with the sweetest scent.

As the song progresses, the subtle addition of drum beats intensifies the aura, adding a layer of depth that is both powerful and emotional. Jessica’s vocals, meanwhile, become more passionate and heartfelt as she pours her soul into the lyrics. The musical arrangement, crafted by the talented Jane Marie, is nothing short of phenomenal, showcasing the beauty and complexity of her artistic vision.

We recently had an opportunity to have a conversation with Jane Marie about her latest work and beyond. Want to know more? Keep reading.

1. Hi Jane, it’s great to have you here! Your latest single “How I Miss You” is amazing. Congratulations! I’m curious, what was the inspiration behind the minimalistic music arrangement in the song, and how did you manage to create such a powerful impact with it?

A: Thank you, that’s lovely to hear! Having written orchestral scores in the past and music for film and television, it was a challenge for me to use less instrumentation that often comes with songwriting! I mostly start at the piano and then orchestrate once the main idea is written. With this song I felt the opening piano effect got the feeling across all by itself. But I had to work hard to NOT over complicate the music! I think the lyrics helped me to keep it simple.

2. The emotional depth of “How I Miss You” is truly captivating, and I’m sure it resonates with a lot of people. I read that you wrote it during the lockdown, so why did you decide to release it in 2023? Was
there anything specific about this year that made it the right time?

A: I am so glad you say this, it is how I hoped the song would come across! I wrote 14 songs in lockdown! Having struggled with songwriting in the past, these songs flew out of me! I realised I needed to produce and release them as professionally as possible and that has taken time to get right. Once I got Jess, (vocalist,) and Tim, (sound engineer) on board, it was a case of trying to find time that worked for everyone to get the songs recorded and mixed to a standard we are all happy with . The theme was inspired due to events that happened in lockdown and many are still living with the repercussions of that time so releasing it this year may help those who feel forgotten, feel remembered.

3. The vocals in the song are incredible, and Jessica Mia’s performance really stands out. Can you tell us more about how you collaborated with her on the song and what it was like working together to bring it to life?

A: I agree Jess’s voice is up there!! She was recommended to me through mutual friends when I put word out that I was looking for a vocalist. We met up a few times to discuss the project and before long we were recording. I was blown away by the capabilities of her voice and once we started to work in a studio together, I began to write more specifically for her vocal range. I love the fact that I can tell her the sort of emotion I want to portray and she would quickly find a way to create that with her unique nuances and tones. The more songs we have worked on, the quicker we are getting the right sound. I am always keen to get her input and thoughts on the music and have often said “see what you feel like doing” or “do you what you want here” as I trust her musical instinct and I am never disappointed!. I do like to write an idea and then get input from my fellow musical team – sometimes I need to be reminded that I have to let go of something if it doesn’t work but having musicians you trust makes this really easy.

We took several takes of this song and I would often get choked during playback. The message I wanted to get across is the physical pain the often comes with raw emotions, (“how it hurts just to breathe” / I think my heart with literally start to tear”) and I believe Jess does this perfectly with her voice – it’s as if she is singing directly to your soul.

4. Can you share with us a particular moment or experience that had a significant impact on your creative process and influenced your music?

A: For “How I Miss You” the inspiration came from 2 couples who I was in touch with over lockdown. One partner in each couple was unwell and they were unable to be together. The pain they all went through during this time was heartbreaking to watch, made more obvious by the incredible love that they had for each other in abundance. It was a privilege to witness and then inspired the lyrics. I have also always been fascinated and amazed by the moon and the night sky as long as I can remember ; my favourite line in the song is “ I get comfort when I stare at the stars, hope you can see them from wherever you are, I say hello when I look at the moon, because I hope that you are seeing her too..” I spend a lot of time watching the sky around a fire pit and wondering who else is looking up somewhere on the other side of the world… so being able to bring this into these lyrics felt right.

5. How do you draw on your own life experiences and emotions when writing music, and what advice would you give to other aspiring songwriters looking to tap into their own emotions in their music?

A: The weird thing is, when I look back after a song has been completed, I can’t really remember the writing process – it all becomes a blur and is something that ‘just happened somehow’! What I will say is that I am quite an emotional person and I often wear my heart on my sleeve..! But this is not always possible and for those times I have my music… The last few years have been fairly difficult… both my parents have developed Alzheimer’s Disease quite young and we have had some fairly big mental health challenges within other parts of the family… the lyrics and melodies for all of these songs came to me during moments of upsetting scrambled thoughts, usually at random times such as cooking the kids’ dinner or on a dog walk. Thank God for the iPhone voice recorder, as all songs, past, present and future undoubtedly begin on there at unpredictable times of the day or night! They say it is good to talk and not bottle things up, but sometimes this is not easy, and for that I am so grateful to have this outlet in creating music. I saw on someone’s instagram profile recently how they write to avoid therapy… the perfect explanation for most musicians!! As for giving advice, if you have managed to write a song you love, chances are your emotions are already in there without you even realising it!

6. What’s from Jane next?

A: I have another 8 songs (featuring Jessica Mia) waiting in the post-production wings, which will make up this album to be released at the end of this year. But already that “Voice Recorder” is filling up with ideas for the next album.. I am definitely on a new found songwriting journey and I am loving every second!

Enjoy listening to How I Miss You by Jane Marie here.

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