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Maximilian Wentz- Your Silhouette
Maximilian Wentz- Your Silhouette
Maximilian Wentz- Your Silhouette

Maximilian Wentz- Your Silhouette | Outside the frame

Maximilian Wentz has had a lifetime of experiences as a musician in a short interval of time. From being part of multiple projects before starting his solo career, this artist is professing his love for genres that made him a musician. Your Silhouette is a track that culminates with these interests condensing to one monolithic masterpiece.

There is an amalgam of acoustic, hard rock and metal in this track that make it an exciting listen. The verses open with simple acoustic bliss, and Maximilian Wentz croons gently over the progression. It builds to a hard rock bonanza, where you see the trinity of sound-the vocals, rhythm and feel of the song culminating in a wonderful chorus. The artist goes as far to express his love for metal with a glimpse into guttural vocals in the track. Though it doesn’t quite fit the rest of the melodic sound the track has, it foreshadows the darker image of the silhouette that Maximilian is singing about.

There are small parts of blast beats and thrash metal builds that are clear references to the sub-genres that Maximilian Wentz adores. This is one of the five in this series of unnerving, darker releases that he has made. The Sixth has been so far the most popular, garnering 25k+ streams on Spotify. There is a dominant hand on this genre from Wentz, we can’t wait to hear more that he is exploring or wants to create. Till then, listen to his latest release here:

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