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Alec Berlin - LaNoise
Alec Berlin - LaNoise
Alec Berlin - LaNoise

Alec Berlin – LaNoise

Sometimes, sitting out on the porch and enjoying the sunset, sipping on your favorite beverage with some groovy, feel-good country rock music, makes you feel complete and blissful. At the same time, some soothing, soul-pleasing country rock music enhances the vibe and the experience. The latest single by Alec Berlin, LaNoise is the perfect song for such times.

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Alec Berlin has completed Masters Degree in Jazz Performance from Boston’s New England Conservatory. He spent a significant part of his life gigging around New York City, and as life picked up the pace, he soon found himself on Broadway as one of the guitar players for Green Day’s American Idiot. After that, Alec has been sharing the stage with greats like Elton John, Jaymes Taylor, Rob Thomas, and many more.

In his latest single, LaNoise, Alec Berlin has used some beautiful and heart-touching melodies and played them with intense emotions. This song boasts various guitar-playing styles, including blues, rock, country, and more. The clean guitar tones cut through the mix beautifully, and the little melodies are such that you cannot help but keep humming right after the first listen. The drums and the groovy basslines lay an excellent and exciting foundation for the song, and the overall composition sounds amazingly appealing.

So, if you wish to chill for some time and take a walk down the happy memories lane, then tune in to Alec Berlin’s LaNoise, and you will have a great time and certainly enjoy the listening experience. You can listen to this track here:

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