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“For The Love”, by Killah Trakz: Groovy hip-hop, with a dash of old-school

Killah Trakz, a Miami native rapper and hip hop music producer who has worked with artists like Iconz, Rick Ross, is a sucker for analog sound and gear at heart. With a famous underground album called “Hoodz Prodigy” in the Napster era, his latest track, “For The Love”, the radio edit, he brings back the underground hip-hop sound with a bang. Keep reading for my thoughts!

The beat thumps from the very first second, with the Rhodes in the background serving as the perfect foundation to the slick rhymes that weave together like fibers do into cloth– and I was hooked from the very first syllable. Boom-bap and such influences shine through in the production and the lyricism, with great variations in the vocal technique, as well as in the adlibs, elevating the track significantly.

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Old-school turntable scratching is a big element of this song, matching up the straight flow of the beat to the complex, layered flows that permeate the whole song. This makes for an interesting dynamic in the energy of the song, with the listener being able to choose what parts of the song they wish to concentrate on, and that is not a simple feat.

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The mixing and engineering on this song also complement the detail of the song quite excellently. The kick hits deep, the snare clicks and rings, and the bass is a powerhouse in the centre of your head. There is a lot of width and dynamics in the mix that keeps the song interesting through runtime, and the overall sound of the track is a round, slightly darker tone that is apt for the era and sound.

Overall, “For The Love”, by Killah Trakz is the complete package– with power, flair, and just, overall, polish and panache. It gets my two-thumbs-up recommendation! Check out the track here:

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