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Sam Polwart’s When It Rains
Sam Polwart’s When It Rains
Sam Polwart - When It Rains

When It Rains, Sam Polwart’s Single From the Year 2022, Is One of the Finest Pop-Rock Tracks in Recent Times

An out-and-out classic, beautiful, traditional pop-rock song is how one can describe the single by Sam Polwart When It Rains. Born in the beautiful country of New Zealand, Sam is primarily a musician and a jack of several trades. He has previously been a part of the pop-rock band Diesel Phoenix, based out of his motherland, and enjoyed great success. Besides that, he has actively performed as a stand-up comedian as well as an MC before falling back to his deep love for music at present.

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When It Rains, Sam Polwart’s single from the year 2022, is a stunningly beautiful song with a melody that it easy to remember and at the same time is impossible for a listener to resist the temptation of humming along with it. Sam’s love for acoustic guitar comes out pretty well through this track, and you will surely love the soothing sound of his guitar strums over which his soul-satisfying voice finds its perfect spot to stand tall.

Lyrically, this song is undoubtedly heart-touching as the artist himself mentions that it is a beautiful story about his journey to find his best friend. So the listeners are surely in for a treat. Besides that, a special shout-out goes out to the impeccable rhythm section in this track where the bass and the drums are equally terrific and the grooves add more to the beauty of this song.

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